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•November 19, 2009 • Leave a Comment – The Web Site For “We the People”.

Kool site for communication to all of your elected representatives both Federal and State. It has been difficult to find the time or make the effort to  locate the contact information for your representatives. The use of their web based email submissions or the other form letter submissions just don’t get your personal message across effectively. This site allows for letter creation with either fax or print and mail options.

Take some time today to communicate with your elected officials If you agree with them pat them on the back. If you don’t tell them you are more than willing to vote and fire them on your next trip to the polls. The personalization of these communications is the strength of this organizations tool. Remember when you were away at summer camp or in the service? Nothing was as poerful as a personal letter from home.



And so the story begins…

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Long after I first became aware of blogs my decision is made to make an attempt. So many things interest me that I anticipate topics and subjects will vary, possibly weirdly. History, politics, local interest, world/national events and music are all possible targets for assault and comment.

Strangely enough it was almost 12 years ago that I was an advocate for community networks and the expansion of local newspapers to embrace the Internet.  Long before Willey Station had any dial up much less broadband. In fact Internet access was lean in the entire community. If only I had the foresight to act and invest on my instinct.

Many years have now past and the technologies continue to modify the way we address the world and each other. Some of these changes are for the best, unfortunately not all. My hope is that in total the positive outcomes out strip the negative.

So stay tuned, prepare for the unknown and hang with me as I attempt to master this format of mass communication…